Support bills to preserve wilderness, ecosystems

I appreciate that you are publishing articles on preserving fragile and diverse ecosystems and actions that are being taken — I believe it is important to acknowledgLyle Lake in Colorado’s Holy Cross Wilderness Area-clare_and-ben, flikr Creative Commonse the connections bet
ween humans, wildlife and the environment. Proposed bills, like that of Sen. (Michael) Bennet, are essential to the global environment; we need to continue to work towards protecting wildlife and their beautiful habitat.

Recently, Congressman (Jared) Polis introduced the Continental Divide Wilderness and Recreation Act. This would protect roughly 58,500 acres of Colorado’s land in Summit County and Eagle County. The act could secure and sustain wildlife (and its surroundings) for many generations, as well as bolster recreation activities. Similar to Sen. Bennet’s proposal, it offers an extraordinary opportunity to conserve Colorado’s climate.

With an interest in creating a beautiful and diverse world for future generations, I encourage all Coloradans to support the Continental Divide Act.

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Jensen Miller