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Protect the Colorado’s Continental Divide: Sign Our Petition Today!

I support the Continental Divide Recreation, Wilderness, and Camp Hale Legacy Act.

These landscapes's in Colorado’s Central Rocky Mountains are home to alpine lakes and incredible rivers and streams. Local communities and cities along the front-range depend on this area for clean drinking water, healthy wildlife habitats and fishing streams, and outdoor recreation activities. Visitors from across Colorado, the U.S., and the world come to Colorado’s Central Rocky Mountains to hike, camp, ski, kayak, raft, hunt, fish, mountain bike, horseback ride, ATV, and snowmobile.

Outdoor recreation is critical to Colorado’s economy. It generates $28 billion in consumer spending and is responsible for 229,000 jobs that pay $9.7 billion in salaries and wages.

Please protect these landscapes in Colorado's Central Rocky Mountain region in the face of the ever-increasing threats of resource extraction and over-development. I urge you to safeguard these wild lands now to protect our economy and livelihood for future generations.


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